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“Paul Lazar is a master at channeling bon mots from famous writers while juxtaposing simultaneous and contrasting “moves.” His Cage Shuffle is an endearing homage to the idiosyncratic and highly influential composer, writer and philosopher. John would have loved it. ”

– Yvonne Rainer

“One of the most transfixing and delightful experiences I’ve had: an accumulation of small and meaningful revelations. Lazar and Parson create an invigorating spiral of dance and thinking, discovery and refrain. I never knew time travel in multiple dimensions could be so delightful. Lazar builds an uncanny balance of thorny abstraction and sheer presence.”

– Peter Taub, Director of Performance Programs at The Chicago Museum Of

Contemporary Art, 1996 – 2016

“With irreverence, humor and mastery, the inimitable Paul Lazar brings John Cage’s one-minute stories to 21st Century life, indeterminately combining them with Annie-B Parson’s brilliantly understated choreography. A joyous performance experience that marries conceptual rigor with sheer delight.”

– Philip Bither, Director and Senior Curator, Performing Arts, Walker Art Center

“Paul and Annie-B's Cage Shuffle is one of my favorite pieces ever. The cage stories are good to begin with, amusing in a Zen kind of way, but when further randomized and amplified with the dance, and with Paul's voice- well, it becomes no longer a rarified Cage piece but is transformed into something that is accessible to everyone. Beautiful, profound and hilarious - as all things should be.”


– David Byrne

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