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Cage Shuffle runs approximately 60 minutes.

Upon receipt of this rider, Presenter must provide ground plan of venue, technical information, and additional information about working hours to Company.




1. 2 people, Performer (Paul Lazar) and Assistant Choreographer 


The Presenter is responsible for round trip transportation, local airport transfers, and local transportation. Presenter is also responsible for 2 single rooms for the duration of the stay, including night of travel day and night after final performance.




All items will be transported by performer in one (1) suitcase as checked baggage. The Presenter is responsible for this cost.




Cage Shuffle is able to be performed in traditional and non-traditional venues. It requires a playing area that measures no less than 15 x 15 feet (4.6 x 4.6 meters).




The company/performer will provide:


1. iPhone

1. headset/ earpiece

1. portable record player (and U.S. power cable for 120V)

1. record of John Cage music


The Presenter will provide:


In the event the company is traveling to a non-English speaking country, the Presenter must provide a translator available all times the company is in the theater.




(3) matching, wooden chairs, simple in style


1. small wooden table no higher than 2 feet (61 cm), with a surface measuring approximately 2 x 2 feet (61 x 61 cm). The record player will be placed on this table.


Where possible, the presenter will provide photos/images of these items to performer in advance.




The lighting for Cage Shuffle consists of one (1) general wash look in white light (no color). The lights must cover the full performance area and be sufficiently bright for the performer to be fully visible with minimal shadows. 


If available in venue, the option to dim the house/ audience lights might be used.


The venue will provide tech staff to set-up and program lighting.




The performer will play one selection from the John Cage record on the record player during the performance.


The record player onstage needs to be able to either plug directly into an outlet, or a hot-powered extension cord run to the location of the record player.


In venues outside the U.S., the venue will provide all appropriate adaptors/ converters/ cables for the record player. The record player has two (2) power cords and needs two adaptors.


If the venue has more than 60 seats, or the venue is large with difficult acoustics:

  • The Presenter will provide a lavalier microphone with element.

  • The Presenter will provide a wired microphone as well as a lavalier. The cable for the wired microphone needs to be a minimum of 15 feet long.

  • The Presenter will provide the necessary adapter to allow the Performer to plug an iPhone into the speaker system during the performance.

  • The Presenter will also provide technical staff to set-up and control the microphone during the performance.

  • The record player may be connected to the house speakers (standard rep plot is sufficient). 




If the run is longer than one show, the​ ​Presenter​ ​will​ ​supply​ ​laundry​ ​services between every performance. ​ ​The​ ​expense​ ​of​ ​laundry shall​ ​be​ ​that​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Presenter.




The Presenter will provide one dressing room that is able to be secured during the performance.




The performer requires two  hours of time, with full tech, in the performance venue prior to the first performance.



No late seating.



Cage Shuffle is performed in English. In venues where super titles are desired, the Presenter is responsible for translating the script into the local language. Presenter is responsible for providing a supertitle operation system. Company will work with the Presenter to determine suitable operation system, screen size, and screen placement leading up to the engagement.

The Company has a German language translation of the text and can provide this translation to the Presenter if in a German-speaking country.

Wherever possible, the super title system is to be operated by an individual familiar with the production and the translation, preferably the translator. The Presenter will provide a bilingual assistant familiar with the technical aspects of the system whenever that system is to be used: each rehearsal, performance, and note session. The Presenter will ensure the operator of the translation is given sufficient time to rehearse with video recordings of the show, as well as rehearsals in the venue. The Presenter will ensure that the operator is experienced and capable of adapting to changing timing and performances. Presenter is also responsible for the contracting and paying of a supertitle operator to be present from load in through all performances. No substitutions will be accepted 




Water in the dressing room.

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